case studies

Defence Industry

naval asset maintenance performance

Improving fleet availability through ontime, on budget management of major maintenance activities. 

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aligning supply chains

Support the Commonwealth and Airbus Helicopters to improve the utilisation & cost of ownership of the ARH Fleet.

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Financial Services Industry

post merger implementation

Recovering a complex post merger integratation  project while ensuring aquisition benefits were realised.  

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it project lessons learnt

Undertaking a lessons learnt review on a major technology project to ensure past mistakes weren't repeated.

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affiliate card program

Enhancing a mjor financial institution's project delivery capability through a post implementation review on an affiliate card implementation project.

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in-flight project portfolio review

Lifting project delivery capability mid-flight, through a portfolio of four assurance reviews, provided a 2,400% ROI.

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digital communications project

Understanding the complexity, controls and capability drivers of a significant, in-flight communications project that was not acheiving its objectives. 

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Rapid project risk capability uplift

Developing a tailored capability development program to tangibly raise the client project risk management capability.

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Mining and resources industry

strategy execution capability

Enabling a major Oil and Gas company to sustain its track record of growth while preserving their culture of flexibility, entrepreneurialism and accountability.

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post implementation review

Conducting a post implementation review on a key development project identify systemic root cause factors driving underperformance.

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Other industries

project set up for success

Ensuring a key business systems project was set up to deliver the expected benifits through a complexity-driven performance diagnostic.

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aquisition integration design

Developing an integration approach for a major commercial aquisition, to suport of the investment decision.

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